Oct 01, 2015

Men's Workoutwear Just Got Fashionable with Ralph Lauren

Get ready for the next step in active wear: literally...

Polo Tech_edit_3 Polo Tech_edit_4 Polo Tech_edit_5 Polo Tech_edit Polo Tech_edit_1 Polo Tech_edit_6 Get ready for the next step in active wear: literally interwoven with technology. Ralph Lauren just released the PoloTech™ Shirt, in its unmistakably iconic Polo aesthetic, which is interwoven with silver fibers to measure your body biometrics as accurately as never before — and accordingly can help you adjust your workout for the perfect training. It allows you to monitor your heart rate, your breathing rate, and your calories burned, calculated from the data that’s recorded by a little black box which clips onto the shirt. (And clips off for washing and charging it.) Even cooler than that though, at least in my opinion, is that the PoloTech™ app can act as a personal trainer. A little bit of knowledge about your body and abilities is needed, but if you’re in the gym every now and then, you can make great use of the app.

It’s laid out for one of three focal points at a time: cardio, agility, and strength, moving from aerobic to anaerobic exercises respectively. There are three sets of six exercises, which are explained with 30-second videos and instructions, before you work on it. Here’s the twist: the following exercise at any given moment, is based on your performance on the previous one. A big influence here is your “pump” score, which indicates how close to exertion you come by doing a certain workout. All in all, this thing is phenomenal, I had a couple of great workouts with it, both my own workout as well as an app created one, and can definitely vouch for it — excited to keep exploring this and watching it evolve :)


Shirt by Ralph Lauren | Size Small (size down!) | Shop here

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