Feb 11, 2014

Playing With Patterns

Music Suggestion: Felix Da Housecat – Ready 2 Wear It’s...

Music Suggestion: Felix Da Housecat – Ready 2 Wear

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It’s a day for the Sunday Best and your tiring of the same old, same old, we understand! Getting dressed in the morning is so repetitive and it’s easy to fall back on the basics we have always trusted.  It’s like we have been going through the motions for so long it becomes almost robotic to reach for the same solid shirt and tie we always wear.  Why change what has always worked? Fair question, but it’s time to mix things up and play with some patterns; I think you will be delighted in the results.

Now I’m not saying this is your free ride to look like a walking fabric warehouse, like anything there are some guidelines and a method to this madness. By using simple color schemes and related tones you want to make pattern on pattern ensembles work together, not clash. It’s the subtle looks you want to develop, such as the one shown below – a vertical striped dress shirt with a plaid tie.  The large square plaid pattern on the pocket square is hardly noticeable but it does bring in a few different shades that compliment the tie and socks.  You can see how the rest of the outfit is relatively reserved and focused on fit, this is a good way to shift the attention to the patterns you are highlighting.


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Gents, it’s time to call your plaids, dots, and stripes to the forefront, just don’t wear them all at once!  Don’t forfeit your solids entirely, they are still a key player and will continue to be a staple in your outfit.  However, don’t lose sight of the underestimated value your patterns bring to the table, especially when you learn to subtly blend them together.

I think this is grounds for our first interactive reader contest.  Try a few pattern on pattern ensembles of your own and when you think you have a winner, e-mail a photo in to curtis@wethetimeless.com!  I will have a look at what you have come up with and the victor may just find himself a new patterned wardrobe piece! The cut off date where the winner will be announced is Saturday, March 1st!

Happy Pattern Playing!

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