Apr 01, 2015

Instead of a Campaign, Björn Borg Released the Sexiest Video Game Ever

Swedish underwear brand Bjorn Borg just dropped a steamy online computer game called First Person Lover.


Swedish apparel brand Björn Borg has again ventured down the road less traveled. They’ve already made a name for themselves with their unique, inventive underwear designs – and not to mention, their stunning fabric and fit. But now the brand has become more groundbreaking than ever. To promote the launch of their SS15 Collection, Björn Borg released not a video or a photo shoot, but an online computer game, entitled Björn Borg First Person Lover.

Björn Borg First Person Lover is a first person shooter. The violence is pretty minimal, though. Your object is to fight the forces of evil with the power of love. Your arsenal includes: the Kiss Gun, a Rainbow Crossbow, a Teddy Grenade, and other weapons of mass affection. This makes the Björn Borg First Person Lover game the cutest first shooter we have ever seen.

The coolest thing about the Björn Borg First Person Lover game is still the brand’s new collection. Your player’s outfit is customizable, literally allowing you to mix and match their latest styles. Stylish gamers rejoice!

You can play Björn Borg’s video game at FirstPersonLover.com.

How much time did Björn Borg First Person Lover game steal from your life? Did love conquer all? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Björn Borg

Photo Credit: Björn Borg

Sponsored by Björn Borg

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