Sep 20, 2014

Perfect Travel Attire

Travel attire is something we all struggle for when deciding...


Travel attire is something we all struggle for when deciding what to wear vs staying comfortable.  I'm making it easy this post, by dressing comfy (yet stylish) and packing light.  
Here's what I wore!

This shirt from FACA international brings a dressed up look to a relaxed travel feel.  When dressing for travel, focus on darker colors as it will hide the wrinkles (and sweat!)  look that lighter colored shirts display.   

Nothing like a good pair of loafers for quick ons and offs. Focus on leather loafers when traveling as any scuff marks can easily be buffed out.


Shirt:  FACA International  c/o
Shoes: Just A Men Shoe c/o
Bag:  Tumi Travel c/o
Trousers: Reiss c/o
Belt: Anderson's Heritage c/o
Watch: Caravelle NY c/o
Sunnies: ZeroUV c/o

Don't forget to use code "BlakeScott" and save 20% on all FACA International accessories.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has safe travels!
Leave a comment below with your dream designation.
Mine is Europe!

Blake Scott

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