Jun 03, 2015

Watch 200 Years of Legendary British Clothier Peregrine in 2 Minutes

Legendary clothing brand Peregrine takes us behind the scenes, chronicling its over 200-year-long history.


How many of us ever think about the making that goes into our clothes? Few I imagine, I am guilty myself too. I buy items I like but rarely consider their story. A once booming British industry was strangled by cheaper foreign imports with the ‘Made in Britain’ tagline being a rarity in the clothing industry.

Peregrine Clothing are one such brand that have stayed true to their roots and have just realised a new video showing the story behind their proud manufacturing heritage.

The origins of Peregrine Clothing dates all the way back to 1796 when J G Glover & Co Ltd was first established, to this day every garment is made in England using the finest wool and British fabrics.

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