Jun 26, 2013

Paradise Of The Lost Boys: Dsquared2′s SS14 Collection At #MFW

On Milan Fashion Week’s final day, Dsquared2 presented their collection...


On Milan Fashion Week’s final day, Dsquared2 presented their collection in a man-made tropical paradise filled with lush forestry and a waterfall. Dean and Dan Caten, the gay twin designers behind Dsquared2, dub the setting #Shangrila, and the story for the presentation is described as:

“Returning war heroes with that innocence of youthful rebellion, reminiscent of 1950’s boy stars, have taken a wrong turn, disappear from radars and now find themselves in an island paradise: golden sands, a dazzling sun, a lush tropical forest make the perfect backdrop for all Earthly Delights. There’s the scent of a tropical adventure, an exciting mix of amplified characters, the contradiction of tribal and formal, the necessity to improvise, and the raw physicality of sweltering hot men on a mission.”

‘Earthly Delights’ indeed, as a hunk dressed only in tribal necklaces and a pair of white briefs (from the brand’s new, upcoming underwear line) kicks off the show as a light shines on him bathing in the waterfall. He steps out, and two matching and lounging male models nearby are revealed also in their underwear. They hand the first model a towel to dry off and one of their geek chic glasses, and he sets out onto the runway.


The collection features an assortment of light fabric shirts, cropped and loose trousers, canvas military coats, leather moto jackets, tribal print shorts, distressed denims, plus solid swimwear—and that’s just the first batch of presentation!

See all the looks below which also include suit jackets, bags, and Dsquared2′s use of a hula skirt and a parrot. Plus a special surprise at the end which included two mini mes of the Caten brothers.

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Photos via Dsquared2 (show is available to view here)

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