Apr 04, 2015

An Indie Guy's Guide to Packing for Coachella

One Dapper Street shares what's in his suitcase for Coachella this year.


Coachella is coming up so, so soon and I’m suuuuuper stoked for my first time there. I love music, and I kind of don’t know why, but I’ve never experienced a true festival in my life just yet. But luckily, thanks to the awesome people over at French Connection UK, I get to go this year :) And guess who’s coming with me!? ……. My lovely girlfriend Lisa Dengler.

Now, I’m not the classic festival guy. Probably because I’ve never been. So my style is still a little more preppy than what I imagine people to walk around like, but I figured you guys might wanna know what I plan on wearing regardless :) I found some awesome pieces on the FCUK website, from fun, printed t-shirts, to great shirts as a light layer and beautiful brown shoes — both sneakers and boots — I think I’ll be more than fine throughout the day. I don’t tan very well, I rather turn “lobster”, so a few long-sleeve options are necessary for me not to overload on the sunshine that is to be anticipated in the desert. And since deserts do get cold at night, I hear, a scarf going with the brown tone of the shoes: equally necessary. Last but not least, you gotta bring your stuff in something, and that’s where the duffel bag comes into play. I am — of course – also going to wear bottoms. Well, maybe it’s not that obvious, I hear people at Coachella do get crazy, but I do plan on wearing some, but they just happen to not be on the website just yet… I guess you’ll just have to follow along on Instagram and see what else I’m bringing out there ;)

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