May 18, 2015

A Military Jacket and Slip-on Shoes Make the Perfect Travel Outfit

Dressed to Ill shares his airport style, including a floral button down topped with a military jacket and comfy sneakers by Creative Recreation.









My photo map is certainly expanding rapidly! This is my fifth trip of the year, and I’m so grateful to be able to travel and meet amazing people. Over the long weekend I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan. No it probably doesn’t have the cache of my other trips this year (that’s SF, LA, Vegas and Nashville for those keeping track at home), but I really enjoyed the charm and warmth of the small mid-western city. What’s accompanied me on every trip is this leather backpack by Coach. I can’t wait to take this bag to as many places as possible, and hopefully it will eventually show some signs of aging (still looks pristine to me). Regardless of my allergies, florals dominate spring so I donned the neutral-toned floral button down. And two key pieces for the flight back- A military jacket with room for snacks and backup chargers, and comfortable, slip on kicks. The stylish number from Creative Recreation makes those TSA checkpoints almost enjoyable.

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