Oct 13, 2013

Orange is the new black

Every winter there’s a colour that pops out of nowhere...

orangeheader Every winter there’s a colour that pops out of nowhere and becomes the ‘it’ colour to brighten up a dull looking, winter wardrobe. This year it’s orange. From burnt orange to the vivid carrot orange and orange peel, there’s a lot to choose from. The header image for this post is a quite misleading because I’m not saying that orange is the new black, rather it’s the colour that has appeared in a few fashion shows and will add some brightness to your outfit. But forgive me, I needed a catchy title and ‘Orange is the new black’ fit the bill. Click the below image to enlarge.


  1. New Balance Trainers, Asos – £50
  2. Tapered Jeans, Topman - £18
  3. Polo Ralph Lauren Socks, John Lewis - £10
  4. Crew Neck T-shirt, Reiss – £25
  5. Beanie Hat, River Island - £8
  6. Rib Knitted Scarf, Topman – £12
  7. Collar Pin, River Island – £8
  8. Fisherman Knit Jumper, Reiss - £95
  9. Casio Watch, Asos - £20

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