Jan 20, 2014

One Jacket Three Looks

One of the reasons why I started Speaking of Style...

One of the reasons why I started Speaking of Style was to show individuals, that having style, can be done on a budget. Looking through some of my posts throughout the 2013, I noticed I have gotten away from that message. To begin the New Year, I wanted to take Speaking of Style back to its roots, and show you guys that you can most definitely dress well, on a budget.

Uniqlo Wool Jacket

Uniqlo is definitely one of my favourite stores for great basics for a very affordable price. One of my favourite pieces from their Fall/Winter collection this season was their wool jacket. The jacket was very affordable at 59.95 and fit like a glove. Whenever I search for outerwear, versatility is one thing that I always look for. How many ways can I wear this jacket? Can I dress this jacket up and down? Those are the questions I ask myself before purchasing outerwear. The thing that makes this Uniqlo wool jacket so versatile is due to is due to its unconstructed nature. The jacket is not lined, and there is no shoulder padding, making this jacket look like a sports coat, but fit more like a jacket.

I put the Uniqlo jacket to really good use on my recent trip to Asia. I wore the jacket with everything in my suitcase, here are three distinct ways I wore the Uniqlo jacket. For all three looks, I kept the pants (Black Uniqlo Legging Jeans) and sneakers (Black Nike Mayfly woven) the same, only changing the top.

Striped Sweater

A great way to strike the perfect balance between “dressy” and “casual” is to pair a jacket with a striped sweater. I wore this Joe fresh striped sweater (another bargain at 30.00) with the Uniqlo jacket mostly when I wanted to toe the line between looking a little more dressed up , but still feel comfortable at the same time.

Pullover Hoody

When the temperature took a dip while I was on vacation in Hong Kong, I layered the jacket with a pullover hoody. This lightweight pullover (30.00) is again from uniqlo, paired perfectly for the chiller nights. The light grey colour of the hoody really worked and paired perfectly with the dark grey charcoal jacket.

Graphic T-Shirt

Paring my Uniqlo jacket with a graphic t-shirt (supreme 25.00), was probably my favourite way to wear the jacket. The outfit was casual enough to explore the Hong Kong during the day time and was dressed up enough to go out to dinner in. The t-shirt with the jacket creates a great balance between tailored menswear and street wear, and truly represented my personal style.

I hope I was able to show you guy dressing “well”, does not need to be expensive, and can be done without high luxury apparel.  If anyone has any further questions on how I put these looks together, or just straight up want to talk menswear, please feel free to email me at matthew@speakingofstyle.ca

Photography by Kenneth Wong . For any further inquires please email kwken.w@gmail.com 

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