Dec 18, 2014

on the go // marfa, texas.

The glory of west Texas, captured by my HTC One...

The glory of west Texas, captured by my HTC One Max:

image Why all Mustangs in Texas and California dont have required convertible tops, I dont know.

image Vast horizons and endless train tracks.

image Finally in Marfa.. reveling in the sun.

image Dr. Pepper > front door. Priorities.

image Getting in the Christmas spirit [in 70 degrees]

image Ghost town theater.

image Sunsets on hammocks.

image Olaf!!

image Donald Judd, inspired by Versailles.

imageMonument to the Last Horse‘ by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen at the Chinati Foundation

image World War II army barracks turned Judd art homes.

image That magical Texan light.

image Marfalafels at Food Shark, The Collective Quarterly [issue 0 on Marfa], HTC RE, Saint Laurent sunglasses.

image Food Shark advertisements on old school cars.

image You know you are in Texas when..

image Sarcasm, don’t forget it. image Judd’s home.

image Southwestern Bell, when that was a thing.

image Home to works of John Chamberlain.

image That ranch life.

image Larry Bell on art, its surroundings and perception of art.

“The space declared by these new sculptures becomes the work. …When the pieces get to the kind of scale I am employing then the scale of the material begins to overwhelm the spectator. This creates the sense of a partial environment. So to extend the format may prove to be interesting. Then the observer could walk around and into the unit and at the same time, see through it. Obviously, it will then do totally different things to the observer and the spatial experience will be very dimensional, especially given the ephemeral nature of the material. At the moment my work tends to be frontal and two-sided. This doesn’t really worry me, but I would like them to work from all four sides. The beauty of the box format is that it has no dictated top, sides, or bottom—they are interchangeable—and I would like to get some of the same quality into these new works. Obviously, I have to forego a top or bottom.”

image Texans are serious about hot sauce.

image Dan Flavin realness.

image Prada by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset.

image Funeral home turned hamburger and beer bar.

image12 lane highways and a million overpasses.

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