Feb 09, 2015

Discussing Proportions and Length

[What Goes Around Comes Around vintage linen topcoat, J. Crew...






[What Goes Around Comes Around vintage linen topcoat, J. Crew sweater (cropped), Dickies pants (oversized), Polo Ralph Lauren belt, Ties.com pink Tustin socks, Timberland boots]

Three things I've been obsessing over lately.

1. Cropped sweaters

2. High-waisted, oversized pants

3. Length

Is there such a thing as too short or too big? The dickies I am wearing are 4 sizes up from my waist size, cinched at the waist with a belt, while I chopped about 4 inches off of my J. Crew sweater. Proportions are king and currently I've been pining for elongated legs, which can be achieved with slim or baggy pants, and a cropped torso. Doesn't hurt in jewel tones.

Photos by Nathan Anthony

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