Apr 28, 2015

OLIVERS Apparel Wants to Upgrade Your Fitness Wardrobe

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the San Francisco-based brand is delivering high-performance sportswear.





OLIVERS Apparel is a clothing startup in San Francisco that is committed to designing fitness apparel with high quality components and perfect fit. After months of design and an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, the company launched their All Over Short in 2013.

OLIVERS All Over Short upgrades typical gym shorts with improved technical fabric and a tailored fit. The shorts are made of a water resistant nylon spandex blend and feature high quality components such as ballistic mesh pockets and paracord drawstring. However, I find the fit of the shorts to be the most impressive feature. Consider it the Goldilocks of athletic shorts: Not too long, not too short, not too tight, and not too baggy. They’re just right.

I got to handle the shorts in person a few weeks ago when I attended the OLIVERS launch party for their latest product: men’s briefs. Just like their shorts, their briefs are an upgrade to your run-of-the-mill underwear by using polyester, which wicks away moisture while keeping you insulated, instead of cotton.

A big thanks to Dylan Nord for inviting me out to the party. If you’re interested in the OLIVERS Kickstarter for their briefs, there are still seven days left. They’ve already achieved four times their goal and still have a wide variety of rewards and discounts still available.

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