Feb 27, 2015

Review: Old Scout Bourbon, 10 Years

Here we go with another Single Cask Old Scout Bourbon...

Old Scout Bourbon 10 years Review - Lukas Liquor

Here we go with another Single Cask Old Scout Bourbon from Smooth Ambler Spirits. I’m excited to get to try this whiskey because I’ve liked so many of their releases in the past. Though being a single cask release, I have no idea what to expect because each cask of whisky is like a snowflake; no two are alike.

If you remember from yesterday Smooth Ambler is a merchant bottler, but unlike many NDPs they also produce some of their own spirits. However a lot of their whiskey comes from MGP in Indiana, which doesn’t mean it isn’t good, it just means it isn’t theirs. Though they don’t claim that it is theirs either so we’e in good shape on that front.

Old Scout Bourbon 10 years Review – Bottled for Lukas liquor

Bottler: Smooth Ambler Spirts
Distiller: Not Disclosed
Age: 10 years
ABV: 56%Price: NA

Barrel: 366

Light bourbon brown

The nose on this one is pretty fun. I get hints of Green peppers with some vanilla. On the second round it reminds me of Smarties sugar candies, but not too sweet. It has a vegetal, grassy quality that I seem to be sensitive to in bourbons.

The palate starts alcohol forward and spicy. It is complimented by sugary fresh cut green oak that moves to rose petals and yellow peppers. The vegetal aspect is persistent in this cask.

Alcohol, mint and black tea. Not offensive, but not impressive either. Finish is medium length and pretty clean.

It’s balanced but it doesn’t really have much of a body and is thin on the palate. This is a good bourbon for someone who likes a good kick without too much sweetness.

This 10 year cask of Old Scout Bourbon is just not the type that I get excited about, but if you like grassy bourbons, then this one would be in your wheelhouse. There are no major flaws, but all together I find it to be a bit middle-of-the-road. I prefer more chewier sweeter bourbons and this one definitely falls short of that.

SCORE: 83/100

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