Jan 07, 2015

Noah Waxman – The New Great American Shoe Maker

Noah Waxman is the man behind the self-named footwear brand,...


Noah Waxman is the man behind the self-named footwear brand, Noah Waxman. After spending 10 years in Amsterdam perfecting his craft as a master cobbler, Waxman launched his first collection in 2013. Last February during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting Noah for the first time during the Asaf Ganot presentation. During that menswear presentation, the one thing that stood out (outside of Asaf’s dope jackets) was the stunning selection of Noah Waxman shoes that the models were styled in.

Noah has released a limited edition collection of “Made In The USA” shoes ranging from white rubber soled chukkas to luxurious sneakers. Of course you’ll still find all the quintessential details that Noah Waxman is becoming known for and you’ll see a brand the has an understanding of the future of modern footwear.

Recently, Waxman held a trunk show at Tobox, the men’s footwear store here in Philly. Since he was on my home turf (and his too, he grew up in the Philly-burbs), I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the brand. You can find Noah Waxman footwear at Nordstrom and Tobox here in Philly. Check out the video above where I asked him three questions about his brand.

Visit NoahWaxman.com to see the full collection.


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