Mar 02, 2014

Trading a necktie for an ascot

No doubt neck tie and bow tie have their own...









No doubt neck tie and bow tie have their own charm and class but sometimes you look around and see well everyone seems to be wearing it and makes you feel like common gentlemen. Enter: CRAVAT/ASCOT. They are one cool neck accessory that will give you elegant, hip, fresh look to your whole outfit followed with occasional glances and stares. These cravats are 100% pure printed silk, very soft and made in England. Cravat club offers wide range of patterns and design. All of their design are so eye catching and sophisticated you will be hard pressed to decide which one to pick. But offering so many choices in cravats design there is a cravat for everyone out there. I paired this cravat with navy blue pants, light blue shirt, green turban and brown jacket. I was bit surprised myself how I felt elegant instantly when I tied cravat at the end. Not I want to pair them with so many different outfits. I look forward to wear this cravat more often and show you how cravat is just not made for formal dressing only. You can wear them with casual dressing as well. Special thanks to Jenny from cravat club for sending us lovely cravats efficiently. Make sure you visit their website and Facebook page for more tips, suggestions and ideas. They offer free worldwide delivery. Happy Reading!!

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