Nov 05, 2013

Niche for Men – Get Your Stink Off

I’ll admit it, I ‘ve been a closet user of...


I’ll admit it, I ‘ve been a closet user of my girlfriend’s face and body wipes for years. They work great when I’m either on the run or just feeling a little lazy. Well, one company has knocked on the closet door, and has invited men to try their own brand of deodorant wipes called Niche.

Niche-for-men Instead of grapefruit and strawberries, these smell more like how a man is supposed to–spicy and burly. So here’s the scoop:

the wipes come in a box which contains two towelettes. They are individually packaged in a 4″ X 3″ foil wrapper, so they are easy to tote with you on a date, to the gym, office, or on a camping trip.

These are pretty generous sized at 9″ X 11″, so it actually is possible to give yourself a good overall cleaning with just one. However, we do recommend that you map out your stinkiest parts and save those for last (obvious, but you may forget if you’re in a hurry).

I do like the subtle smell of cologne these leave behind, and they have passed my stinky gym feet test, which is good enough for me.

We know that most guys don’t like to shop, much less go to the store to buy a box of wipes, so we’re going to make it easy for you. If you are occasionally stinky, and would rather not to be…

Get them here.

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