Nov 14, 2014

New York City - Snow

New York City - Snow My photography of New York...





New York City - Snow

My photography of New York City in the snow is currently featured in a beautiful gallery in the Guardian with information about my New York coffee table book: NY Through The Lens which accompanies the snow photos.


An excerpt from the book…

…we walk through the city like somnambulists moving through an other-wordly landscape


gliding through the white remnants of dream-laden clouds


towards street lights that hang over streets like stars


leading our way back to the places we rest our heads.



The Guardian feature showcases more of my New York snow photos


Here is the feature :

New York in the snow by Vivienne Gucwa - in pictures

All of the photos featured here and in the article are in the book.

Many thanks to the Guardian.

This may be the best week of my life, so far.


What is this book you keep talking about?:

It’s my New York City photography book which is releasing in stores and online in the autumn of 2014. There is a HUGE post about it with all sorts of information about it here:

NY Through The Lens: A New York Coffee Table Book


P.S. The screenshots-or-it-didn’t-happen album is here on my Flickr (click or tap on each photo to view larger):

Featured in the Guardian


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