Dec 09, 2014

New York City - Photos My photography of New York City is...

New York City - Photos My photography of New York...




New York City - Photos

My photography of New York City is currently featured in a beautiful gallery at CBS New York with information about my New York photography book: NY Through The Lens which accompanies the city photos.


An excerpt from the book…

The city is comprised of so many tiny urban worlds;


planets and stars that inhabit a larger universe.


Until I understood that fact about New York City,


I couldn’t begin to understand how to explore it.



The CBS New York feature showcases more of my New York City photos. You can view it here:

New York City Through The Lens

All of the photos featured here and in the article are in the book.

Many thanks to CBS News!


What is this book you keep talking about?:

These are some of the hundreds of photos featured in my New York photography book which released in stores everywhere worldwide on November 24th. Info about the book (including many photos, sample pages, and info about my history and style of photography):

NY Through The Lens: A New York Coffee Table Book


P.S. The screenshots-or-it-didn’t-happen album is here on my Flickr (click or tap on each photo to view larger):

Featured on CBS New York


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