Aug 09, 2013

New Laces Prompt a Tour of the City

Colored Laces Make The Shoe Today I tromped around the...

It that poinson Ivy? Oh well it matched my new laces!

Colored Laces Make The Shoe

Today I tromped around the streets of Toronto in my vintage Prada perforated lace-ups. But something changed and made this walk a new adventure. The Laces! The laces I swapped out for were dark brown leather that were basic and classic but boring and needed to be replaced. But with what?

I decided to replace them with shocking electric teal to brighten up the mood and transform this classic silhouette into a fresh looking shoe. The first time I slipped the bright color through the eyelets I kept running into signs and news boxes because I was focusing on my shoes. So instead of bruising my face, neck and body I thought it would be smart to take shots and look at them after the fact.

I went all over the city and every time I saw a funky walkway or interesting sidewalk I tried to include you in on the neon lace effect. I think I’ll try orange or yellow next time.








Photos by Mark St. James

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