Jan 22, 2015

New Balance C-Series built for the city cyclists

New Balance has released a new C-series – 996C and...

New Balance
has released a new C-series – 996C and 600C - designed specifically for the cyclist who frequently ride bikes throughout the city. Both models comes with reinforced forefoot and harder density rubber outsole to prevent flex over the pedals , and also very thoughtful details like special tongue pocket for the laces – so laces can safely tucked away and avoids any catching on the pedals.

The 996C comes in two forms. The most striking detail is found on the 996C in the form of a bike reflector N logo – which was specifically developed using specialist equipment and functions exactly as real bike reflectors do.

 The 600C is available in 4 colour options. With a sock construction for easy access and full scratch rubber upper for durability the 600C has been designed with function in mind.

 The New Balance C-Series officially launches today in UK and will be available from; Tokyo Bike, End Clothing, Hanon, Size? and Well Gosh – RRP: £90

Sources say it will be launched in Singapore in March.



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