Nov 17, 2013

NEEDS/WANTS Holiday 2013

It’s truly inspiring to see the vast amount of talent...

It’s truly inspiring to see the vast amount of talent coming from my beloved city of Toronto. Just in time for the holiday season NEEDS / W A N T S Studio the Toronto-based label designed by Sean Brown is back with their third official release of monochromatic varsity jackets. Nicknamed Blueberry, Red Velvet, and Coffee, the jackets were inspired by a Yves Klein color palette. Check out the brands ‘Holiday 2013′ lookbook below. Enjoy!

All three are available now at

Productpg_RedVelvet_zps2ff97078 7633_zps449074d8 7485-600_zps7eb779dd Productpg_Blueberry05_zpsfcfec424 Productpg_Blueberry_zps19d95f1d Productpg_Coffee03_zpsdf617085 IMG_7685-1000_zps682eb294 Productpg_Coffee_zps1fa7475d 7711-600_zps4f206086


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