Jan 19, 2015

nanamica S/S 2015 Collection (Styled by End)

Designer Eiichiro Homma of nanamica (which translates into "the house...


Designer Eiichiro Homma of nanamica (which translates into "the house of seven seas") blasts through with well made clothing featuring GORE-TEX and PERTEX attributes that don't take away from their everyday wearability. The Japanese brand, nanamica's Spring/Summer 2015 collection is amazing in its simplicity and straightforwardness. With a strong emphasis on outerwear, the collection which includes collegiate inspired varsity jackets, strong collared coats, well tailored pants, and vivid as well as subdued nautical themes, does not disappoint. It must be emphasized that the ease, minimalism and simplicity of nanamica's clothing do not take away from the meticulous details and strong point of view. The functionality of the clothes also give nanamica a "necessary to own" vibe that is hard to shake off. One must be warned that these clothes aren't cheap but are definitely worth every penny. Pieces of the collection can be seen below styled by clothing linchpin End (items can also be purchased from End's website).


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