Oct 20, 2014

My Pick Monday – Men’s Solid Cologne? Top 5 in Face Wash?

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I swear you learn something new everyday. I had never heard of ‘solid cologne until recently. The first product from My Pick Monday is a rub on cologne..as in..not liquid. Very interesting. I tried that and all of the other products out. Take a look at my opinion on them.

Alfred Lane Solid Cologne c/o Steve Madden

Yes, solid cologne. The can has a sliding lid at the top for easy access. I have the ‘Bravado’ which is a woodsy smell BUT also a cool, clean scent. You can also target the areas you want to ‘hit’ the most. Neck, palms, chest etc. Its also really small, you can fit it into your pocket. BIG PLUS. I would recommend this to the modern man that likes a traditional twist.

Price: $17.95

PC4 Men – Face Wash c/o

I have heard about Paula’s Choice for quite sometime so I decided to try out the face wash. The packaging in the front is simple and straight to the point. “WHATS IT DOES: Removes dirts and excess oil, Leaves skin fresh & clean, Softens skin.

Well it does what it says it does. It definitely left my skin softer and didn’t dry me out like most products.

Price: $12.75

V76 by Vaughn – Lip Balm c/o

Ive used several grooming products from this company and they usually use some of the same ingredients over and over again. Repetition is a good thing right? Three key ingredients to better skin is in this lip balm. This is perfect for winter months and thats enough reason to try it out.

JoJoba Cream
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter

Price: $13

Bison – Double Wrap Bracele t c/o BirchBox

Received this in my BirchBox and at first thought it was misplaced and put into male box. The leather bracelet looks a bit feminine when wrapped around you arm solo. Try pairing this with a couple of other arm accessories so it won’t look as if there is one thin leather band is wrapped around your arm. The bracelet comes on the longer side and you just cut it to fit your arm and enjoy.

Price: $40 (definitely a steep price if you’re not into these tiny details)

E2 Cosmetics – Hair Moisturizer

Heard about this product through a great friend, she told me how many ways you can use E2 product and how great they smell. I decided to first take a look at the ingredients before going any further and was happy to find out it was sulfate free. This whipped hair moisturizer is super thin which is my main reason for using it. Even though its thin, it ‘holds’ well. Like I mentioned in the first part it smells great to, i requested the ‘cake batter’ scent.

Something great for your hair with a dessert scent you can’t beat that. #DoNotEat

Price: $14-$25

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