Sep 15, 2014

My Pick Monday – Alton Lane Experience (3D MEASURING SYSTEM)

Alton Lane: 3D Tailor Measuring System Alton Lane is revolutionizing...

Alton Lane: 3D Tailor Measuring System

Alton Lane is revolutionizing the menswear industry by offering high-quality apparel with cutting-edge technology in a relaxed, welcoming and universally masculine atmosphere.

I had a chance to demo this 3D body measurement system. It was all too cool. I stepped inside of a room pressed a button and instantly the procedure started. It took about 5 minutes and was pretty accurate. They captured the most specific sizing stats, the only brand of its kind to incorporate this type of technology.

Additionally, laser cut technology ensures the best possible fit for each individual client. Finally, since each appointment is handled with one-on-one attention, your exact sizing and custom pattern is always on hand, making it easy to place an order for your new suit or shirt from anywhere in the world.

Now were talking tech menswear!




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