Jul 09, 2014

Must Have: Summer Canvas Boots From Generic Surplus

A canvas bag isn’t the only summer essential, a great...


A canvas bag isn’t the only summer essential, a great pair of canvas shoes are as well. For my trip to Puerto Vallarta I brought along new favorites of mine, Generic Surplus’ Apache Canvas Mid-Top Boots.


With a Native American-inspired print pattern on the top and tongue of the boot style, the neatural brown body makes it simple to style with jeans or shorts. There’s stitching across the boot for added detail, as well as a suede back end. Since the Apaches are made from canvas, the style is both light and breathable and making it a perfect choice for summer if you want mix it up from loafers, sandals and espadrilles.


#ShoeSelfie of the Generic Surplus’ Apache Canvas Mid-Top Boots shot at the Casa Velas‘ beach club.

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