Sep 04, 2013

Mr Maroosh On How to Shave Without Getting Ingrown Hairs in 3 Simple Steps

Do you know how to shave without getting ingrown hairs?...

Do you know how to shave without getting ingrown hairs? Ingrown hairs are essentially hairs that are trapped under the skin, as they cannot make their way to the surface. Not to be confused with razor bumps, which are hairs, that go back underneath the skin after coming out. Ingrown hairs are very uncomfortable and not so good looking, especially when heading to a dinner party or looking forward to an exciting date. Ingrown hairs seem to come from nowhere. However, once you understand what happens and how to shave, you can adjust your shaving technique and stop getting them.

Ingrown Hairs, What Causes Them?

Ingrown hairs can happen for many reasons. The three common reasons are (1) the clogging of the pores with dirt, (2) the build-up of dead skin cell layers and (3) not knowing how to shave. All these factors contribute to hairs growing under the skin surface. The clogged pores and a too thick layer of dead skin cells make it harder for the hairs to grow towards the skin surface and improper shaving can get the hairs under the skin surface.

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Winning the Battle!

1. Exfoliate:

Although this is not directly related to how to shave, exfoliating the skin helps reduce the dead skin cells and clean the pores making it easier for hairs to come out to the surface. It is important to exfoliate on a regular basis to see the result. Ideally you want to exfoliate daily right before bedtime. The reason being that hairs grow faster when we are sleeping. So you had better free the way for them to grow out! There are many exfoliants, so pick the right one that suits you best. Apply with warm water to soften the skin and get maximum effect. Remember to avoid exfoliating right before or after shaving to give your skin time to rest.

2. Tweezers:

This is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about getting rid of hairs that are stuck under the skin. You can use tweezers but remember to never pluck the hairs out! Use the tweezers to get the hairs to the skin surface only. This method is particularly useful for those hairs that start growing back into the skin after they came out. Remember to use clean tweezers and if you happen to pluck a hair by accident, disinfect the area and do not forget to exfoliate the days ahead. By the time the hair grows back, the path should be free for it to grow effortlessly.

3. Shave Properly:

Knowing how to shave is an important factor when it comes to getting ingrown hairs. Three common mistakes are shaving against the grain, using a dull blade and applying too much pressure. Shaving against the grain is done to achieve a smooth skin. However, this comes at a price. The hairs are cut too short and when growing back there is more chance to grown in the hair follicles. A dull razor, especially one with multiple blades, drags the hairs out of the follicle. After it is being cut, it bounces back into the follicle. This means that the hair will be deeper in the follicle increasing the chance of getting ingrown. Applying too much pressure, cuts the hairs also too short in addition to causing an irritated skin.

How Do You Shave Properly?

HOW TO SHAVE Mr Maroosh On How to Shave Without Getting Ingrown Hairs in 3 Simple Steps

A good shaving technique consists of a good preparation using warm water and a good quality shaving cream. This helps to soften the hairs and reduce the force needed to cut the hairs. In addition, the shaving cream provides a cushion for the razor to glide over. For a more detailed explanation, I would like to refer you to a post I wrote earlier on how to shave. Remember to take care when shaving and to treat the ingrown hairs properly.

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Mr Maroosh is an expert on shaving and has developed his own line of premium shaving products. For more information on how to shave and to discover the shaving products, please visit his website.

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