Oct 24, 2013

Mr Black Garment Essentials Review

Mr Blacks Garment Essentials has two standout products: Denim Wash...

Mr Blacks Review denim wash refresh

Mr Blacks Garment Essentials has two standout products: Denim Wash (L) and Denim Refresh (R)

Denim manufacturers recommended that denim jeans and products shouldn’t be washed for up to six months to retain its shape, colour and wash. But let’s face it, we often wear denim jeans when we care the least – so what should you do when your favourite pair of denim doesn’t look so fresh?

Enter stage left: Mr. Black’s Garment Essentials care range of product which are specifically formulated to refresh and wash denim jeans – minus the washing machine. The Australian brand focuses on one fundamental idea: that you should care for your denim. Seeing that your denim is not only a wardrobe staple, but also something you wear over and over again, it’s worth the extra attention to keep it clean and refreshed.

The Mr. Black Garment range has two specific products for denim lovers: Mr. Blacks Denim Refresh and Mr. Blacks Denim Wash.

Mr. Blacks Denim Refresh Review

Mr Blacks Denim Refresh Review

Mr Blacks Denim Refresh comes in two sizes – 250ml and 60ml

The Mr. Blacks Denim Refresh is an all in-one product designed to clean and refresh denim and simultaneously prevent stains from setting in your denim. By getting to the root of the problem by attacking oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes odours in the first place, Denim Refresh helps keep denim in premium condition.

Aside from getting rid of surface stains, the Denim Refresh also kills bacteria and odour. The best places to spray the Refresh is at the hem of your jeans and near the pocket areas. If you’re applying Denim Refresh to your denim jacket, then the neck and armpit areas are ideal areas to clean since they attract sweat and thus odour.

The product uses a biodegradable solution and uses plant-based ingredients which are less harmful for the environment. The best way to use the product is to directly spray it onto your denim and then leave it to dry. Another way to use Denim Refresh is to spray onto a piece of cloth and then gently rub it onto anywhere where there is dirt and grim.

Mr. Blacks Denim Refresh comes in 250ml and 60ml (travel size), although we think the travel size will suffice for even the mode ardent denim lovers.


Mr Blacks Denim Wash Review

Mr Blacks Denim Wash Review

Mr Blacks Denim Wash is made from biodegradable ingredients

Compared to the Mr. Blacks Denim Refresh, the Mr. Blacks Denim Wash is a much stronger and more concentrated product. The Denim Wash is essentially an enzyme free wash specifically catered to clean denim. Whilst it can’t get rid of old stains, if you use it immediately after a stain is made, your chances are good. Like the Refresh, use it directly on your denim or apply on a piece of cloth first. Another method to use the product is to turn your jeans inside out, soak it in cold water and then add 15-25ml of the Denim Wash.

For those who are worried about the Denim Wash affecting the colour of your favourite denim, fear not, the Wash in fact helps maintain colour intensity whilst minimizing fading. Perhaps the best news about this product is that you don’t have to machine wash your jeans that often, which therefore reduces the risk of it shrinking and stretching. Like the Refresh, Denim Wash is made from plant-based ingredients so it’s environmentally friendly.

The Mr. Blacks Denim Wash comes in 250ml only.


Final thoughts about the Mr Black Garment Essentials Denim Refresh and Denim Wash

The Mr. Black range essentially helps minimize the damaging effects of regularly washing denim products. The Denim Wash and Denim Refresh products both use biodegradable and plant-based ingredients which clean and wash denim. The result is longer-lasting denim which doesnt’ cost the environment. You use less water and you even save money in the long run. Our money is more on the Denim Wash since it serves a better purpose. That said, for denim lovers, the low price point makes both products a bargain.


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