Jun 18, 2014

Modernizing Overall Shorts at Parc de la Vilette

Modernizing Overall Shorts at Parc de la Villette We have...









Modernizing Overall Shorts at Parc de la Villette

We have all seen the revival of overalls making a comeback from the 70’s over the past year. Though the styles may be similar, the way they are worn is what I love about cyclical fashion. Instead of tie-dye and floral crowns, overalls are still bohemian, but now in a more subtle way that doesn’t have to scream flower child. Though as I remember growing up as a kid wearing overalls I started to resent them as I came into my own style, due their association with my parents. But luckily as all things change, so did my style evolve. Allowing me to re-appreciate these unique one pieced denim wonders that make getting dressed super simple and fun.

My interpretation for these overalls was obviously (in my book), to wear them with plaid, but not only plaid as a friend helped me decide on a graphic-t underneath and then the converse were a no brainer shoe selection. Making for a comfortable outfit to bike ride along Paris’s Saint-Martin canal all the way to Parc de la Villette. A beautiful ride for first timers in Paris as there is a path the entire way, and once you get to the park you can leisurely explore all of the cool architecture. Plus during the summer they have a lot of outdoor movies. This is definitely a place I will be coming back to again!

Outfit Credits:
Overalls: Big Star Denim/ Shirt: Diesel/ Button Down: American Eagle/ Shoes: Converse/ Watch: Kenzo/ Bracelets: Men in Cities/ Sunglasses: Cynthia Rowley

photographer: Laura Escalante

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