Mar 05, 2015

Modern Essentials

Wearing: Jacket/Polo/Pants: H&M| Shoes: Tsubo| Socks: Nice Laundry I have...

modern essentials by david beckham
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mens linen bomber
Wearing: Jacket/Polo/Pants: H&M| Shoes: Tsubo| Socks: Nice Laundry

I have a pretty short list of guys who I can consider my own personal style icons. For example I’ll always love dudes like Pharrell and Kanye because  they’ve always had their fingers on what’s next. One of my other fashion godfathers happens to be David Beckman. His aesthetic can best be summed up as refined, classic, and very English. That being said I was pretty pumped when I heard he was teaming up with H&M to pick his favorite pieces from the Modern Essentials collection.

I got to see all the selects up close and personal before they launched today. There are a lot of solid pieces, but I have to say I think I picked up the best ones.  I based my entire outfit around the printed trousers since I immediately fell in love with the look and fit of them. I decided to opt for the polo because much like Beckham’s style it’s super streamline and again the fit steers it clear of dad territory. Since New York is still in winter mode I topped the fit off with the linen bomber that will probably end up being my every day jacket in the spring.

Check out the collection for yourself at and let me know in the comments what you think.

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