Apr 01, 2013

Mind The Chap - Part 1

Photo Credit: Jeff Fried Model: Erlend Jahr Jacket- Golden Bear  | Shirt- H&M| Pants-...

Photo Credit: Jeff Fried
Jacket- Golden Bear   Shirt- H&M| Pants- Timo Weiland
Shoes- H&M | Man-Clutch- Stash 

As the Spring season approaches closer and closer every day, now would be the perfect time to share with you guys the Ultimate Spring Preview, brought to you by Mind The Chap and I. Back in December of 2012, sounds ancient, I know, I was invited by Mind The Chap, an online retailer that offers top-knotch menswear from the most trendy designers, to style their Spring collection. Today, I present to you the first installment of the Mind The Chap Spring Preview. This spring, every chap should own a varsity jacket, similar to the Golden Bear Kona Cotton Varsity Jacket photographed above, and more importantly you don't have to be good at any sport to own one. I paired it with a pair of Flag Stripe trousers by a personal favorite Timo Weiland, that should make its way to my closet in the near future. And for the final touch, I added an orange man-clutch by Stash. Adding a vibrant color is only necessary for the Spring Season.You can shop this look and more from the Spring Preview on Mind The Chap

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