Mar 18, 2015

Meet the Timeburner—the First Ever Internal Combustion Watch

A sneak peek at the Mikita Eleta Timeburner, set to debut at Baselworld on March 19, 2015


The antique combustion engine is as much a marvel as any other form of technology that man has found a way to fit into a timepiece on his wrist. And Miki Eleta has taken the basic functionality of that very engine and found a way to make it possible to keep elegant (albeit, not so practical) time with it.

The first half of the watch is fitted with a crankshaft, which churns around, while also controlling a set of numbers. The second half functions like a piston, rising and falling between its own group of numbers.

pumping piston watch

Miki Eleta plans on crafting the Timeburner in three finishes (silver, chrome, and all-black), allowing only 99 to come out of each style. And judging by the creative nature of these kinetic art watches, they won’t exactly be inexpensive, however they should fall into the realm of affordable for many.

Timeburner light

Today is just a sneak peak, as this watch will be fully unveiled at Baselworld on March 19, 2015. We can’t wait to see it in person.

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