May 20, 2015

Is This the Coolest Airplane Cabin Ever?

German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with Lufthansa to create a luxurious cabin concept for the airline's fleet.


German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz and their new Fashion and Style Division has collaborated with Lufthansa Technik, the leading manufacturer-independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for aircraft, to create the most luxurious and lavish cabin concept for the airline's short- and medium-haul aircraft fleet.

The concept, which disrupts the traditional and boring cabin design, takes on a more life-styled approach creating a better and more organic flow between the passengers. With the increased sense of space, the designers were able to make room for hardwood flooring, a sofa, a two-person bed, four individual seats, and several other amenities not often found on a commercial flight.



"It was an inspiring challenge to transfer our design philosophy of sensual purity into the area of aeronautical engineering. The spectacular architecture of the interior shows creativity and modernity. Sensual surfaces and clear forms, combined with intelligent high-tech features and perfectly shaped modern luxury are the characteristic features of Mercedes-Benz design" says Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG.



In the coming months, the two companies will jointly evaluate the general level of customer interest on the VIP market, in addition to further developing the details of the design concept.

All images courtesy of © Daimler AG.

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