Mar 24, 2014

Menswear Online Retailer Park & Province Launches March 26th

Mark your calendars, on March 26th our good friends Chris...


Mark your calendars, on March 26th our good friends Chris Naidu and Gray Buttler are set to launch their first collaborative project Park & Province, a Toronto based online webshop that specializes in menswear. Founded in 2013, both Chris and Gray with their cumulative experience in the mens fashion/retail space quickly realized that in the growing yet cluttered Canadian menswear market, there were no local business offering the type of essentials or quality products they were looking for or desired. So naturally, when you can’t find what you’re looking for you just go out and make it which is exactly what they did.

 “With the growing trend of online shops, we felt like there was still a need, especially for Canadians, to find a shop like ours. Park & Province is dedicated to a much more practical and focused approach. We want everything that we carry to serve its purpose, and to make sure that everyone knows what that is. We look forward to growing with our community and sharing the things that we value.” – Chris & Gray

Park & Province is built around both domestic and international designers that offer a timeless and contemporary aesthetic. Their offering is practical and engaging, innovative and attractive. Working with up and coming to well established brands, the e-commerce shop includes names like 3Sixteen, New Balance, General Assembly, Industry of All Nations, and more. The men’s e-commerce shop also aims to incorporate a growing list of accessories and lifestyle goods.

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