Apr 04, 2015

Summer Style Guide: What to Wear to the Beach

You never want to be that guy at the beach wearing an awkward Speedo. Here's our ultimate guide to everything you'll need at the beach, from the right sunscreen to the perfect swim trunks. Read on and dive in.

This year you got your body in shape, your haircut is looking good, your skin is perfectly tanned ( not orange ) and you are ready for the summer. If you paid close attention to these descriptions; tanning + “fresh hairstyle” + muscular body: most of the times it = “douche bags”. I am sure you don’t want to look like you just came out of a “jersey shore” episode; But what should you wear to a pool party or the beach so you are not mistaken as one of the douches?

Let’s see what you can do to look your best at a pool party. Vegas anyone?!

The Tanning

David Gandy Tanning tipsDavid Gandy

Surely you don’t want to show up at a pool party looking ‘ice white’, like you just spent a year inside of your bedroom with no sunlight, but neither looking too tanned. Try to find a middle spot between the two, just like the one above with @David Gandy. The tanning will not just make you look better but also help you hide any body imperfections.

tip: If you are white, get tanned gradually. Don’t try to get dark in one session because it can get even worse and ruin your party. There are a lot of tanning beds nowadays that are “red skin free”.

Cristiano Ronaldo SunbathingCristiano Ronaldo toasting under the sun. Don’t be that guy.

Choose the Right Swimwear

David Beckham summer lookDavid Beckham = tanning+body+shades CHECK

The whole busy, printed, colorful outfits are not the best choice if you want to look stylish. Leave that for the “spring breakers”. There are two ways of grabbing people’s attention: One by looking like a clown or two by looking like “Is that guy real?”.

Don’t ever wear a long board short in a pool; and maybe not even in a beach unless you are surfing.

Marcos paulo de andrade brazilThis is me in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The length of your short is very important as well. Don’t wear anything too baggy and long. A more fitted swim trunk will always be your best choice; but be careful so it doesn’t look tight. The length of the swim trunk should be above your knee. Anything above your knee should be fine; some guys like it a little shorter and others not so much.

Be creative and fun… I definitely love the classic/retro swim trunks. They are fun to wear and will look stylish too.

b1b3e0681183f22c908feacf0b42230c images-5 images-6 Suit-Up-for-Rio-0082 tumblr_n5xvadnoGQ1qc54leo1_500 dc0e6f13d58ed8ee06f12ded53e5587a

Tip: If you feel that you gained a little bit more weight these days, go with a darker swim trunk. It will grab less attention to your belly and you can’t go wrong with dark colors.

My favorites:

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Have you heard before that the accessories complete the look? That’s totally true. In this case even more because you will be wearing less clothes so the accessories will give that extra detail you want.

I personally would use something smaller and not too flashy. If you choose to wear something and you stop to ask yourself, “Is this too much?”… don’t do it. It is more likely that it is actually too much. A thin bracelet and small pendant necklace will be good.

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Get a Bag

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to the beach and instead of having a bag with me, I decided to go without anything so I wouldn’t have something to carry around. What happened? REGRET! Bags are not only for girls, if you know how to choose the right one, it will be handy and will save the day.

A backpack or a tote bag are the two I would wear to one of these occasions.

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What you should carry in your bag

Staying fresh while you party is essential. No one wants to be around a stinky head.

Do you like a smell of a fish and roses? no one does. Get a shower first thing in the morning and choose a fragrance that smells fresh and not too strong. Be prepared with these essentials.

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It is very important for you to protect yourself against the sun. I added to this list Dr Lancer’s Sunscreen , which according to GQ UK is David Beckham’s favorite.

I also added the facial wipes from Ursa Major so you can wipe off your face during the day. :)

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post and make sure you add your own style here. Don’t just copy a look but use it as an inspiration to create your own.


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