Jun 12, 2015

Men’s Style Guide: The Finishing Touches

So you've chosen your outfit for the day—now what? Gentleman's Division has put together the ultimate guide to finishing your look, from hair and hats to tattoos and glasses.

Most style guides fixate on clothes. But men don’t want to be told what clothes to wear and they often don’t care about the latest look to hit the high street. A man’s look represents his identity and it needs to feel authentic. This at the core of Fat Buddha’s identity: authenticity. Often, men achieve this authenticity with the little things—the accessories—the finishing touches…

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You wear your hair every day. From colour and curl to style and product, the hairstyle says a lot about the man.

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The Undercut

AKA: Men’s prohibition haircut

This style elongates your face, creating a slimming effect. It is a bold, striking look worn by some style icons, such as Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Tom Hardy.

The Man Bun

Not just worn by samurai warriors, anyone can pull off the man bun. This style can be worn messy, creating a dishevelled, wild look. Or wear it neat and conservative, creating a clever, dapper effect.

Whether you have straight, wavy, curly or dreadlocked hair, the man bun can work for you.

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The sleek and neat man bun

Tip: Combine with a messy beard to set against the neat, slick hairstyle.

The curly man bun

Tip: Match with a clean-shaven face to create a striking contrast of messy and neat.

The dreadlock man bun

Tip: Pair with a thick beard to get the full look.

The Mod Look

Inherently British, this look has been around for decades, with music icons such as Paul Weller, Rod Stewart and Oasis championing the look. It’s hard to describe exactly what the Mod hairstyle is, as it differs from man to man. But there are two main archetypes.

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The Weller

The short fringe and long sides, covering side burns, is an iconic look. Broken lines in the fringe make this look messy unselfconscious. This look was made championed by Paul Weller and sported by the Gallagher brothers.

The Rod Mod

This look is achieved by long, messy hair with a tall, sometimes backcombed, voluminous tower on top of the head. The look is finished with a rugged fringe. Only the right guy can pull this off. Rod Stewart made this look big in the 80s and people like Russell Brand built on it in the early 00s.

Facial Hair and Grooming

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The Dapper Moustache

In recent years, Movember helped bring moustaches back to life, as they’d been lost since the 80s. Movember served as a platform for experimentation and we saw some bizarre upper lip experiments. Out of all of the moustaches we saw the dapper moustache is the most stylish.

Clean and smart, use moustache wax to twist and curl your moustache upwards. Wear with an otherwise cleanly-shaven face to create a sophisticated, dapper look.

Pair the dapper moustache with a neat beard for a more robust look. Though be careful that you don’t end up resembling a vaudevillian circus strongman.

The Lumberjack

AKA The Lumbersexual

This look is a modern, urban twist on the American lumberjack beard. Big, messy, bearlike, this beard is often paired with the man bun or a stylish outfit, combining a traditional masculine aesthetic with modern metro-sexuality.

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Lumbersexual + fringe

Lumbersexual + man bun

Lumbersexual + undercut


Forget spending so much time on your hair. A good hat might be what you really need. Different faces and head shapes suit different sorts of hats. Our advice can only go so far; so get out and try on some hats!

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The Beanie

This ubiquitous headwear is seen on skaters, artists, rappers, rock stars. It is versatile—worn neat and tight or loose and baggy. It is synonymous with modern city life and it’s a finishing touch on many understated looks.

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The loose and baggy beanie

This style is cool and casual. Typical colours include black or darker tones—deep maroons and navies. This is the indie musician look and it looks great.

The trim and proper beanie

This look isn’t casual. It can transform the beanie into a high fashion item. It’s a finishing touch that can add a smart casual touch to any outfit.

Style tip: The Beanie Fringe

It’s almost a prerequisite for the beanie look to pull your fringe out from the bottom of the beanie. It breaks up the line and reminds people of the colour of your hair.

The Baseball Cap

This finishing touch is as iconic as any piece of clothing can be. It is synonymous with America as a whole, but it looks different and means something different to people all over the world.

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Tattoos are a minefield of fashion triumphs and taboos. Some look incredible, some look like the jotter doodles of a fourteen-year-old. As it’s hard (and ill-advised) to give advice about tattoos, we’ll just look at some of the set pieces that people can see when you’re wearing clothes…

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Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals Trainers are as iconic as footwear can get. The sub brand became a specialist, heritage range of Adidas back in 1997. Sporting the original Trefoil logo instead of the updated three-striped Performance logo gives these shoes a retro, yet somehow timeless look. It does not matter what you wear these with; they’ll always look good.

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Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max has been ubiquitous on city streets around the world since its inception in 1987. It’s difficult to think of a more iconic men’s shoe. Tip: wear your Air Max trainers with casual, urban streetwear. Perhaps not as adaptable as Adidas Originals or Converse, they can look odd if mismatched. Jeans or combats are the best bet.

Alternative Accessories

When it comes to accessories, men don’t have as many options as women. But this isn’t a bad thing, as it means that there is a little less to think about. There are countless alternative accessories that can really complete your look, but we’ve looked at a few that go well with the other items on this guide.

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Perfect when combined with the dapper moustache and the undercut hairstyle, braces capture that 1920s aesthetic and manage to look smart without teetering into pretentious territory.


We could do a whole guide into watched and it still wouldn’t cover everything. So we won’t. The watch is a jewellery staple for men. As times change, bracelets, rings and neck chains come in and out of fashion; all the while, watches stand the test of time. To complement your alternative look, there are three main looks you can go for:

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Some of us have to wear prescription lenses, and unlike sunglasses, prescription glasses aren’t optional. But there has been a huge shift in eyewear fashion in recent years. Now that the big designers are taking glasses seriously, there are lots of alternative style options.

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(Tip: always take the shape of your face into account when choosing glasses)

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