Jun 03, 2014

Men’s Printed Pants & Ascot

A couple of posts ago I wore a printed suit,...


A couple of posts ago I wore a printed suit, it had many colors and prints. You can say it had a life of its own, a lot going on right? Well for me it worked but if you want to slowly transition from solid or darker colors this is the way and time to do it.

Look how I have incorporated printed pants here:

  • Darker colors (so my pants are the focal point).
  • Ascot, to make my jean jacket a little more formal.
  • Same color or similar short sleeve shirt which hardly shows
  • Colored socks (I love socks so this is why I decided to wear these but you don’t have to)
  • Brown wingtips

Spring is the season of change, clean out your winter wardrobe and switch it out for something brighter, something with life.

Take a look a more printed pant inspiration here. Do you own printed pants?

Would you try them out? Comment below!




IMG_3786 IMG_8290


Jean Jacket: Mavi // Scarf: Vintage // Shirt: Uniqlo // Pants: Club Monaco // Socks: Uniqlo // Shoes: Kenneth Cole // Watch: Kenneth Cole

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