Jan 12, 2014

Men’s Fashion Week | Hardy Amies F/W 2014

Hardy Amies Fall/Winter 2014! Let’s talk about it, shall we?...

Hardy Amies Fall/Winter 2014! Let’s talk about it, shall we? This is most definitely the collection for the fashion dude that appreciates tailoring but doesn’t want to completely give up the idea of keeping things a bit casual. That sounds a lot like George Clooney’s relationships and you know what? That’s not such a bad thing. Despite the fact that they don’t last, they’re always beautiful, magnificent and talked about long after they’re over so Hardy Amies should take that as a high compliment.

While the collection didn’t have as many pieces to nibble over as I would have liked, what they did present was hot like fire. Dark denim rolled at the cuff paired with a blazer layered over a cardigan with a button down tucked underneath? Check! A bold, blue Mac hanging out with a blue tartan suit? Double check!  Double monk strap shoes? Triple check!

Hardy Amies, you’re giving me all sorts of hope for humanity…or at least hope that there is something greater out there in terms of Fall/Winter 2014 collections. You have given us the perfect balance of “Sorry, love, I’m off to the office” and “Hey, babe, meet me for a drink at The Rusty Knot.” Serious enough for a meeting with the higher-ups yet still chill enough to swap horror stories about coworkers over a Tecate beer and some greasy bar food. Magnifique!



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