Feb 24, 2015

How to Get Brad Pitt's Slicked-Back Hairstyle From 'Fury'

Liked Brad Pitt's slicked-back undercut in Fury (2014)? Here's how to get the look at home.

Your hairstyle is your identity and the one thing anyone will notice when they first look at you. You can be dressed nice, with expensive shoes, a nice tie… but a haircut is the #1 essential on your men’s grooming list. I have seen a huge refresh on Men’s Celebrities Hairstyles in this year of 2015. I am browsing some new hairstyle looks, so while I do that, I want to share the best ideas to copy from.

Brad Pitt ( Fury Movie ) and Mariano Divaio

brad pitt and mariano di vaio haircut

Brad Pitt caught my attention on his last movie “Fury”. Not only the movie was amazing, but his hairstyle was to the point. Mariano divaio also showed a quite similar hairstyle in one of his fashion shows appearances as well.

This is a type of a hairstyle that you need to ask your self first, “Am I ready for this?”. It may look simple but in reality, if you are not used to that short of a hair, you will feel kind weird for one day or two. It is also a hairstyle that will put you on the spot and visible while in the middle of a group of friends or strangers. If you would ask me, I would say it shows self confidence and the “I don’t care what you think” kind of mentality.

It is also a tricky hairstyle so if you don’t have a good hairstylist, he/she will ended ruining your hair. The last guy I used to cut my hair with, had an “inside a bubble mentality” and couldn’t understand the dimensions of a hairstyle like this lol. Now I found a good one that I can just show him a picture and he knows what to do.

  1. You will need to let your hair grow. You will notice that both of them have long hair strands so it can sit on top and not stick up. You will only be able to achieve this when your hair grows enough.
  2. You will be cutting the sides on clipper 1 all the way to the edge between the sides and the top. Notice that Brad has a more square cut on that edge and Mariano an oval cut. Choose your preferred one and ask your hairstylist.
  3. Ask your hairstyle to start cutting from the front to the back of your hair, gradually decreasing the size of it. You want the front of the hair to be longer so when you brush back, it will sit on top of the backend.

*Don’t cut the back too low because it may stick up and ruin your haircut.

Styling it:

In my opinion this haircut looks better with a wet styling product. To get a more shiny/wet look I currently use the Shu Uemura Extreme Urushi but seem’s like they stop producing it and they have replaced it with the Kengo Feather which I heard amazing things about it as well.

Click on item to shop:

Make sure you dry your hair using a blow dryer, and then use the straightener if you have trouble pulling it back. Spread the chosen product evenly all over your hair and then use the comb for final touch up.


It is a learning process for you and your hairdresser to get the style the way you want so don’t get frustrated on the first try. As more you try different hairstyles, the more you figure out your hair.

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