Apr 11, 2014

Like Smoky Scotch? Consider McCarthy’s Single Malt from Oregon

The McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt is another bottle of whiskey...

McCarthys Oregon Single Malt Review

The McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt is another bottle of whiskey I picked up on my trip to Portland, and man am I glad I did. It’s smoky, it’s sweet, it’s savory, it’s robust it’s… it’s just plain delicious is what it is.

It’s made in the Islay style and if you’re looking for something to compare it to think along the lines of Lagavulin 16. There is such a similar color and character to this whiskey that you could almost be fooled into thinking that you’re actually drinking a young Lag.

Overall this is just plain fantastic. It’s one of my new favorite daily drinkers and shows a maturity and balance much older than it’s mere 3 years of aging would typically produce. It’ has a symphony of savory flavors with a sweet underpinnings and an oily smooth texture that makes this something that is literally a joy to drink.

If you’ve tried the McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt I’d love to see your own thoughts or notes in the comments below.

McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Review

ABV: 42.5%
Price: $54
Distiller: Clear Creek Distilling / Widmer Brothers
Batch: W13-02
Bottled: 9-16-13

Golden caramel with hints of orange. Even the color reminds me of a lighter Lagavulin 16.

The smoke is very apparent with rich salted butter, vanilla and smoked ham rising up first. Malt, salted caramel and a nice roasty sensation round out the nose.

Delightfully smoky. It’s not a peat monster but has more than enough peated character to stand next to the big boys from Islay. Iodine, caramel apple, butterscotch and malt with hints of wood and popcorn make this a very enjoyable dram.

Oily and coating it’s smooth and easy to drink with very little burn.

Smoked meat fades to a smoky malt and campfire ash that lingers for a nice long finish.

SCORE: 91/100

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