Sep 02, 2013

US Open Pattern Mixing

Mixing patterns in your shirt and tie doesn’t take an...

Mixing patterns in your shirt and tie doesn’t take an advanced degree. And while there’s no magic rule when mixing a printed tie with a patterned shirt, there’s some guidelines I stick to when doing so.





1. Don’t let the two prints be the same.

A polka dot shirt with a polka dot tie? Maybe the world isn’t quite ready for that.





2. Keep at least one constant color in both the tie and the shirt.

My tie today happens to combine every color in the plaid woven. Do this cautiously so as not to appear matchy-matchy. The alternating pattern, combining a broad stripe in the tie with the plaid shirt with thin lines allows for enough contrast.

So while I’ve created a dark look based mostly in dark blues, the mixture of patterns breaks up the monochromatic ensemble and catches the eye.

Thanks to Crown and Buckle for the watch strap. Check out their nato watch straps to add panache to your wrist game!

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