Feb 20, 2013

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Fall ’13

   I adore Mark McNairy. His trad meets street sensibility...

Mark McNairy New Amsterdam Fall 2013


I adore Mark McNairy. His trad meets street sensibility resonates well with me, and his irreverence and quirk add a great (and often literal) “fuck you” sensibility to his shows. McNairy hit the ball out of the park with the first look featuring a great camo-daisy trench that managed to not only look incredible and wearable, but believable. He followed up with great suiting featuring oversized pockets, the indigo tweed suit was particularly exceptional. And as always, all the pants are cuffed up to show some ankle (a look I still can’t get enough of). But where Mark really shined were in those looks and pieces featuring his collaboration with Adidas — they left me not only wanting more, but wanting them now. I also was a big fan of the tweed shorts paired with blazers. And the shoes…I mean…come on. He’s the master right now.

Less succesful were those looks and pieces where Mark and his team seemed to lose their sense of editing. At moments throughout the show it felt as though everything was thrown at the wall and then sent down the runway. The “meggings” were just not good. The hoodies seemed superfluous, and the ski masks – while quirky – seemed scary and out of a Tarentino flick.

Mark succeeds when he balances his unique point of view and quirk with traditional menswear and a nod to street culture.

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