Jan 21, 2015

Made In Canada Hoto X Brimz Vanta Collection

With the Fedora seeing a renaissance this year, Pharrell’s infamous...

Hoto-Brimz-Vanta-Collection-main With the Fedora seeing a renaissance this year, Pharrell’s infamous Viven Westwood hat is sparking numerous parody accounts. Later it was loaned to Washington DC’S Newseum at the same time Men’s Accessories have growing 9% this past year ending in May 2014; according to market research group NDP Group, there has perhaps never been a time where the fedora has been so popular. In comes a fresh collaboration between Toronto Tastemaker Hoto Black and Brimz (one of Toronto’s leading hat shops) on the Vanta Hat Collection.

Taking its inspiration from the underworld of Toronto, the Vanta Collection exemplifies menswear’s move toward sportswear inspired, versatile pieces that don’t necessary fit into a certain archetype and can seamlessly blend into a variety of wardrobes. “ I wanted to create a timeless piece thats capable of both dressing up and dressing down for the days at the office and nights on the strip”, says designer, Hoto Black.


While The Vanta collection is certainly not the first collaboration to take advantage of a hot fad in pop culture, what sets this collection apart is the quality. Each piece is crafted entirely in Canada using kasha silk for the interior lining, cowhide leather exterior band and a lambskin leather sweatband. With a variety of color’s available such as Graphite Grey, Moss Green and Vanta Black, the Vanta Collection is a good quality, fashionable hat that’s sure to set your outfit apart.

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