May 25, 2015

5 Perfect Backpacks for Summer

Summer is the season of weekend getaways and nights on the beach—which means you're going to need a backpack to carry all your gear in. Here, 5 of the best luxury styles.

saint laurent leather trimmed canvas backpack

One of the best things about summer are the weekend getaways or poolside hangouts which require you to pack your essentials: towel, bathing suit, glasses & a good sunscreen. Because of this, what you pack your stuff in becomes important. It kind of becomes you opportunity to flex some sartorial muscle. While a luxury backpack may sound silly to some people, you've got to think of it as a piece that will last you a lifetime & most importantly stand the test of time regarding style.

A majority of guys just use their dingy, smelly old gym bag to hit the pool, but you don't have to. These bags are a few of my favorite backpacks for the summer. From leather to neoprene, the selections I have made for you guys range from all kinds of styles, colors & materials. There surely will be one bag you'll absolutely have to have this year. Trust me, once you make your first luxury bag purchase you will be hooked & understand why so many people do it. Check these out & rock it out this summer. My personal favorite, the Saint Laurent Leather Trimmed Canvas Backpack.



Saint Laurent Leather-Trimmed Canvas Backpack


Givenchy Floral-Print Canvas Backpack


Jack Spade Neoprene Drawstring Backpack


Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Leather Backpack


Lanvin Leather Backpack

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