Jul 29, 2014


Peak Performance Denim



In searching for the right pair of jeans, there are several components I like to take into consideration. First and foremost is comfort. Jeans should always be comfortable! No, they might not feel like sweatpants or pajamas but you should be able to wear them and feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.


The second element to consider is flexibility. While everyone has their own preference, I like my jeans to maintain a high level of stretch. There’s nothing worse than stiff denim without any give. Not only does it constrict movement, but after a full day of wear, it can get pretty uncomfortable.


The final component I look for in my jeans is the shape or cut. Different cuts of denim are better suited for different body types, and personal preferences also come into play. Personally, I tend to gravitate towards straight leg or a skinnier cut - as I feel they fit me better.


7 For All Mankind’s Luxe Performance denim line embodies all the components I look for in a pair of jeans. Their skilled blend of high-stretch fibers create jeans that are not only extremely flexible and comfortable, but retain the exact shape and feel, no matter how long or frequently they are worn.


I paired these Paxtyn cut jeans with a simple white V-neck from H&M, baseball cap from rag & bone, Toms, and blocked the sun with my favorite Tom Ford glasses – for a casual yet fresh daytime look.

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