Jan 29, 2015

LOTW: Beat the Blizzard

If you're located anywhere in the Northeast part of North...

If you're located anywhere in the Northeast part of North America then you've experience one hell of a snowfall this week... so really, what better time to take [or at least imagine] a tropical, beach-side adventure! This week's Look of the Week brings the sun, and the florals, to your cloudy, chilly day! 

Without skipping a beat, Mother Nature welcomed us back from our five week beach travels with a "blizzard" sure to hit Manhattan within hours... not the warmest welcome home. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as predicted but the frigid temps were enough for me to hit the net in search for the perfect look to get me back into beach-mode! This is what I'll be sportin on my next tropical holiday. Would you wear this?

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