Feb 18, 2014


Hong Kong is still one of my favorite shopping destinations....

Hong Kong is still one of my favorite shopping destinations. All the major players in the fashion arena have flagship stores scattered around the city that never sleeps. And some of the best concept boutiques around the world such as Joyce and I.T. can be found here. For bargain hunters like me hit Hong Kong's outlets to get off-season must-haves at a quarter of its retail. Luckily, I was able to score some holy grail items from Damir Doma at ridiculous discounted prices at the Joyce outlet. Also, remember that the best time to hoard in Hong Kong is before the Chinese New Year. There are practically promotions everywhere! Just make sure you have enough moolah to burn. Otherwise, grab Dad's black Amex while he's in deep slumber.

Here's a snapshot of me getting lost in Hong Kong last month. Thanks Coco for capturing this Sartorialist-worthy moment. It's definitely one of my favorite portraits of myself. 
Top - Boris Bidjan Saberi tank + Cedric Jacquemyn jacket + Area di Barbara Bologna bib scarf 
Bottom - Cedric Jacquemyn drawstring trousers / Boots - Ann Demeulemeester combat boots
Accessories - Damir Doma scarf + Celine luggage tote

Photo by Coco


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