Jun 19, 2013


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Burberry Prorsum

Hackett London

Pringle of Scotland

Richard James
Photo Credit: style.com

We haven't even began Summer 2013, yet the fashion for SS 2014 has already begun. London IS the place for fashion, and I expect nothing but impeccable. Should I begin with Christopher Bailey's brilliance with Burberry Prorsum's latest collection, once again? Or the fun prints you can find on the espadrilles in Richard James's collection? I'll begin with my personal favorite show, Burberry Prorsum. Vibrant colors, polka dots, and don't get me started on the super dope footwear. Moving on to another favorite, Hackett London, a brand made specifically for that dapper man, offering exceptionally fitted garments. In Hackett London's latest collection you can find the perfect amount of neutrals, pastels, seersuckers and tailored suiting that will have one prepared for any cricket match or a brunch party in the Hamptons. Pringle of Scotland's designer Massimo Nicosia took a more subtle approach with his latest collection. Embracing tartan, tartan and more tartan, which by the way is a HUGE trend for this Fall, and by the looks of things will overlap into Spring/Summer. Lastly, Richard James-- James is the kind of designer that focuses on every detail starting from the fedora hat, down to the single-buttoned blazers, finishing with the exciting footwear. Printed espadrilles? I'll take one of every pair in a size 9, please. Visit Style.com to see the complete collection. 

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