Apr 13, 2014

Living for the Eytys

I haven’t been this excited over a sneaker since Maison...



eytys-installation-at-dover-street-market-london-31280-5zay62735qp7md5g6gbsjpstdchpqr3kafnbt2ay eytys-spink-pastel-02_9 eytys-ss14-1066_2 I haven’t been this excited over a sneaker since Maison Kitsune came out with the perfect white canvas pair a couple of years ago. With the introduction of Eytys, a Swedish brand that was launched by Max Schiller and Jonathan Hirschfeld in 2013, fragments of ’90s skate/street culture and visual art come together, resulting in a unisex shoe that adds more than just a spring in your step.

Schiller and Hirschfeld created a sleek, minimalistic shoe (it is from Stockholm, after all), which also doubles as a virtual artistic platform, featuring collaborations with creative minds like artist Rhys Coren (responsible for the printed Spink range), interior designer Sara Wetterqvist (who created a stunning marble print installation for the label at Dover Street Market London and Japan) and a lot more in the near future.

Citing Generation Y (hence the Y in Eytys) as the main source of inspiration for the brand, Max shares with style.com, “For me, Generation Y is a generation of kids who have been brought up with MTV, the Internet, and extremely easy access to information. This has created all these people with multidisciplinary creativity. Now, it’s OK to be interested in a little bit of everything.”

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