Jan 29, 2015

Lismore 18 years Review

Like the 15 I picked up this Lismore 18 years...

Lismore 18 years Review

Like the 15 I picked up this Lismore 18 years Speyside Single Malt at Trader Joe’s around Thanksgiving of last year. I did it after picking up and trying the Lismore 15 which I felt only so-so about. I felt like it was over priced by about $5-$10 and so I approached this one with no small amount of trepidation but being only 1 away from having a full week of Lismore reviews was incredibly tempting.

I walked into Trader Joe’s that morning and the first thing I did was look at the bottle sitting there in it’s gift pack with the 2 Glencairns and after giving it a good look over I put it back on the shelf and walked away. I went about my grocery shopping and proceeded to rationalize the purchase. Sure it’s probably going to be a “meh” whisky and I’ll feel like I overpaid, but I have 4 other Lismore’s queued up. On the other hand I could use that $45 to buy something I know I’ll like… and on and on it went. You can obviously tell which part of my brain ultimately won that argument.

Lismore 18 years Review

Bottler: William Lundie & Co.
Age: 18 years
ABV: 43%
Price: $45

Light caramel

Lightish nose all around, but layered with tropical and fruit notes. Some breezy notes of honeysuckle, vanilla, butterscotch, toffee and citrus float through with a bit of wood.

Fruit is muddled together here on the palate and mixed with notes of dark honey, malt, burnt graham cracker pie crust, vanilla and a smoky char. There’s a darkness to the palate that wasn’t as apparent on the nose.

Fruit, wood, vanilla and ash go on… and on… and on… and on…

The darkness of it pulls things in a weird direction; it’s a wobbly balance if you will. Medium body with a soft smooth texture.

This one I actually like and if it were around the $35 mark it would feel like a better deal. Compared to the Lismore 15 it’s a significant improvement but, again, what’s keeping it back is that ashy darkness on the palate and finish. It seems to dull down a potentially tasty malt and at the moment it’s hard to justify the price when Laphroaig 10 is the same price and sitting right above it at Trader Joe’s.

SCORE: 83/100

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